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Synonyms for finesse

Synonyms for finesse

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

to outmaneuver (an opponent), especially with the aid of some extra resource


Synonyms for finesse

subtly skillful handling of a situation

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This new alliance with TimeXtender provides us the opportunity to assist companies in their deployment of governed data and access of that governed data at a much faster clip," said Eljo JP, director, Global Business Development, Finesse.
Kaufmann, CEO, TimeXtender, added that: "Through this new agreement, Finesse
Financial Finesse uncovered another gap in financial wellness that could stand improvement: a growing difference between men and women, especially in areas of investing and money management.
To meet Gulf Air's requirements for an enterprise-wide business analytics solution, Finesse proposed the Qlik Sense Business Intelligence tool.
Finesse with its next generation, business-user oriented and customizable solutions has solved many technology challenges for some of the fastest growing leading banks, financial institutions, telecom, energy, retail and government institutions.
SmartVcssels represent the continued commitment of Finesse to bringing single-use solutions into the lab scale cell-culture market.
This product combines the strong heritage of Yardley Lavender with the longstanding market position Finesse has earned as a moisturizing and conditioning hair care brand.
Barbara Paldus, chief executive officer of Finesse, said, "Alvotech is capitalizing on the extraordinary flexibility afforded by SmartFactory, and together we will be able to implement cutting-edge, innovative solutions for established and development-stage biosimilars processes.
Alvotech and Finesse Solutions announced that it has engaged into a Joint Venture which would offer Alvotech with world-class, scalable, flexible and cost-efficient manufacturing and laboratory technology with the Finesse turnkey SmartFactory GMP manufacturing platform suite.
What it actually needs is less braggadocio and more finesse It's not all about testosterone," he wrote.
After signing a new football deal last week, the striker maybe turning his attention to another signing - in the form of new yoofs on the block, South Finesse.
It's been 25 years since my in-depth look at finesse fishing appeared on the pages of In-Fisherman.
Financial Finesse studied first-quarter 2011 data and found that more employees are taking steps to improve their financial situations like managing their cash flow, paying off credit card balances in full, maintaining an emergency fund, and paying bills on time.
As he approached the second-last two lengths up, I recall shouting at Timmy Murphy, "finesse him, finesse him".
That's what this season is about - trying to find that fine line between being the enforcer and getting that finesse game," Gordon said after the post-game press conference Tuesday.