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Synonyms for finery

Synonyms for finery

showy and elaborate clothing or apparel

Words related to finery

elaborate or showy attire and accessories

References in classic literature ?
Such funny bundles as we used to have sometimes, odd shoes, bonnets without crowns, stockings without heels or toes, and old finery of all sorts.
"No, she thought it was n't the thing for a poor minister's girls to go flourishing about in second-hand finery, so she did what I 'm doing now, put away what would be useful and proper for us by and by, and let us play with the shabby, silk bonnets and dirty, flounced gowns.
"Now, look, aunt," said Louis XIV., drawing still nearer to Mazarin, under the pretext of gaining a better point of view, "look at that simple white dress by the side of those antiquated specimens of finery, and those pretentious coiffures.
"If the old fellow has done the honest thing by her, in giving her a morsel of venison now and then, or a spoon around his homminy dish, hasn't she pay'd him in teaching the young devils to read their Bible, or in helping old Esther to put her finery in shape and fashion.
previously housed The Finery & Blacksmith Bar, which closed in April.
Offers available while stocks last Satin skirt PS59, T-shirt PS29; both Finery London (; shoes, model's own Denim skirt PS34, shirt PS25.50, shoes PS28, all Oasis (oasisstores.
Asolo Repertory Theatre Gala The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota ballroom was transformed into Paris' famous Les Folies Bergere for one evening only, as partiers donned feathers and finery and demonstrated their dance moves.
Bring books, gifts, wrapping paper and festive finery to swap, buy fairtrade stocking fillers and make eco-friendly festive decorations.
Rumours that the 49-year-old monarch from Kelantan had married a 25-year-old former Russian beauty queen started circulating in local gossip rags earlier this week, featuring pictures of the couple in their wedding finery and have since been picked up by tabloids in the UK, like The Sun and Daily Mail.
Summary: The couple put out a photograph of themselves in wedding finery on social media to break the news
Most people prefer to get married in the winters in order to avoid the tropical heat making them sweat through the makeup and all over their wedding finery.
The entire island province - the most exotic southernmost tip of the country - celebrates in a street dancing called Igal Ma Lan, that features a cultural explosion of costumes, finery, dance and music of the Sama, Sama Dilaut, Jama Mapun and Tausug peoples of southern Philippines.
put on its finery to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as women poured in from around the country to protest.
Visit the Rocio celebrations near Huelva, Spain, to watch the Andalusian people in their finery singing and dancing flamenco into the early hours - while enjoying delicious food and wine, of course.