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(comparative of 'fine') greater in quality or excellence

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Rochester carried me in his arms over a plank to the land, and Sophie came after, and we all got into a coach, which took us to a beautiful large house, larger than this and finer, called an hotel.
I believe this unpleasant and preposterous affair is thought one of the fine things in the story; I do not mind owning that I thought it so myself when I was seventeen; and if I could have found a Beatrix to be in love with, and a Lady Castlewood to be in love with me, I should have asked nothing finer of fortune.
It must be, I felt with far less consciousness than my formulation of the feeling expresses, that I was of some finer sort myself to be able to enjoy such a fine sort.
It is a pleasant thing to reflect upon, and furnishes a complete answer to those who contend for the gradual degeneration of the human species, that every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.
What is a man but nature's finer success in self-explication?
The best of beauty is a finer charm than skill in surfaces, in outlines, or rules of art can ever teach, namely a radiation from the work of art of human character,--a wonderful expression through stone, or canvas, or musical sound, of the deepest and simplest attributes of our nature, and therefore most intelligible at last to those souls which have these attributes.
says her friend, 'I find you don't know Sir ; why he is as civil a gentleman, there is not a finer man, nor a soberer, graver, modester person in the whole city; he abhors such things; there's nobody that knows him will think such a thing of him.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- World Finer Foods, a leading supplier of specialty food, beverage and personal care products from the U.
The first step in making a conventional CIPP installation and one using UV-cured finer are the same: finer is inserted into a segment of old pipe.
He noted that Melitta believes it gets better flavor from the coffee by grinding finer.
Ella Finer, daughter of Pogues co-founder Jem Finer, exhibited O, a continuously playing acetate record with a very limited lifespan.
The legendary news anchor stopped by our studio to teach NASA's Josh Byerly the finer points of anchoring a newscast.
The Senate Banking Committee has stated that the finer details of the housing finance reform bill measure would be resolved and completed this year.
TechSandBox is a science and technology incubator and innovation center that Barbara Finer, an engineer and tech entrepreneur, launched in April.
Residents said the dust falling on the town had become finer in recent weeks but was still leaving their homes, cars and even pets and children covered in filth.