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liable to a fine


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Along with the hot weather has come an increase in bad driving, possibly coinciding with the announcement by parliament to suspend traffic fines until the end of the year for offences caught on camera, although jumping a red light will still be a fineable offence.
Once produced, the auditor will review the produced documentation for a variety of factors, some of which are fineable offenses and others of which are potential mitigating factors.
Furthermore, I expect Congress to revisit the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and not just allow people to legally break DRM tools for accessibility purposes, but also to make it a fineable offence (if not an outright crime) for companies to use DRM tools to purposefully interfere with text-to-speech and similar access technologies used by people with disabilities.
Though the ban on smoking in public places came into force on June 1, the offense was not fineable until November 15.
We paid an average of $100 per foot for shotcrete repairs--about $250,000--to make the segments fineable via CIPP."
It's up to the club now to decide if it's a fineable offence.
"That is the position they chose to take and it's up to the club to decide if it's a fineable offence."