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Synonyms for fine-tune

adjust finely


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make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

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They were not exhorted by their parents to "be good with people," so they never had to fine-tune their communication skills.
With this kind of information in hand, you can begin to manipulate configuration parameters and fine-tune your system.
Why would an omnipotent or highly powerful deity need to fine-tune physical laws?
But their findings support another suspicion: sleep may help birds and other creatures fine-tune their memory through sleep rehearsal of daytime tasks.
There was no more room to fine-tune existing financial reports.
All Robtaille, Cantel's regional sales manager, suggests that the service may be extended to the Sault next summer, but the company must first fine-tune the service connection it recently made between Sudbury and Barrie.
FORD is in the process of putting a fleet of around 60 pre-production Focus ST prototypes through a punishing regime of testing and development to fine-tune the car's driving dynamics and performance.
The most common computer complaint revolves around systems which do not perform to optimal standards: from processors to memory, video adapters, and other hardware, PC HARDWARE TUNING & ACCELERATION surveys the systems and what might be done to fine-tune their interworkings for best performance levels.
Cushman & Wakefield has already appointed communications contacts in New York and London to fine-tune the referral process between the European and American brokers.
The technology offers the ability to fine-tune image colors as well as use computers, laptops, S-video, component video and HDTV for display.
To minimize the search cost and to ensure a successful search, inexperienced users, even if they know a particular database's format, should conduct preliminary research to fine-tune search queries as precisely as possible.
PLANNERS have allowed a major supermarket chain more time to fine-tune its plans before construction work starts.
Council members wanted to fine-tune the resolution and allow public comment, though many were in agreement on the intent.