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having fine leaves


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1) Virginia rail models included cattail cover, fine-leaved emergent cover, water cover, and water depth (Conway, 1995).
Habitat variables are: water depth (WD), fine-leaved emergent cover (FC), cattail cover (CC), shrub density (SHD), shrub cover (SHC), vegetation height (VH), tree and snag number (TSN), water cover (WC), L.
This study was conducted to determine the effects of overseeding fine-leaved fescue in buffalograss turf on turfgrass color and quality and the effects of species, seeding rate and date, and core cultivation on fine-leaved fescue establishment in buffalograss turf.
Fine-leaved rescues included 'SR 3100' HF, 'SR 3200' BF, and 'SR 5100' CF.
Buffalograss overseeded with fine-leaved fescues in the fall produced the best turfgrass quality, darkest green color, and most green cover when buffalograss was dormant in late fall and spring (Fig.
The decline of fine-leaved fescues in the summer was likely due to unfavorable growing conditions and increased interference from buffalograss.
2] resulting in an increased fine-leaved fescue shoot density (Table 4), and turfgrass quality (Fig.
There were differences in shoot densities among fine-leaved fescue species (Table 4).
All fine-leaved rescue species improved green cover when buffalograss was dormant.
The double-pass CC treatment increased fine-leaved fescue in the turfgrass stand by 5% when compared to the single-pass CC treatment (Table 4).
For a fine, formal lawn a mix of fine-leaved bents and fescues are recommended.
Rapid Green is a carefully selected mixture of grasses, Highland Bent, fescues and a new, fine-leaved rye grass which is hard-wearing yet smarter than broad-leaved varieties.
The seeds are coated with a seaweed extract to speed-up establishment by encouraging rapid rooting and the mixture includes several fine-leaved rye-grasses including a new variety, Greenfair.
Shrubs can also be moved but they need a little more fussing, especially fine-leaved conifers.