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Synonyms for fine-grained

consisting of fine particles

dense or compact in structure or texture, as a wood composed of small-diameter cells

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* The generation of fine-grained structures on raceway by IH heat treatment
Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object either has the property or lacks the property "fine-grained objects." Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object neither has the property nor lacks the property "coarse-grained objects." (Objects of intermediate grain will be objects which have or lack some properties whilst there are other properties they neither have nor lack.).
The standard addresses calculating the saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat), permeability (k), and porosity (n) of fine-grained soils.
The minor amounts of very fine-grained titanium oxide (anatase) and iron oxides present influence the silcrete colour, imparting cream/pale yellow streaks and overall red/orange colours, respectively.
Sediments recovered from the edges of the Cascais, Lisbon and Setubal Canyon canyon invariably consist of fine-grained predominantly terrigenous material, in accordance with observations by Jouanneau et al.
The discharge door wing for fine-grained mixtures has a seal to prevent fine-grained materials, such as cement, from escaping; it is also waterproof.
These subfacies are extremely fine-grained to fine-grained groundmass of ferruginous kaolinite and goethite / limonite.
There is a similar situation in fluvial and deluvial soils, which are sufficiently represented by coarse-grained soils, mostly by gravels with mixed-in fine-grained soil (G3 G-F) and clayey gravels (CG 5G).
The soil supports the farms, but fine-grained, volcanic rock particles in the dirt threaten the farmers and their families.
Previously, it was thought that fine-grained carbonates, which constitute a major component of marine carbonate sediments, were derived primarily from either direct precipitation from sea water or from the breakdown of the skeletons of marine invertebrates and algae.
The SL-23 Sandstone-Textured FRP-Clad Fire-Rated Door features a fine-grained face sheer with a subtle surface finish and a less glossy appearance than standard FRP surfaces.
The Biochar Debate: Charcoal's Potential to Reverse Climate Change and Build Soil Fertility offers the first book to introduce the promises and ideas of biochar (fine-grained charcoal used as a soil supplement).
The ability to log tutorial interactions in comprehensive, longitudinal, fine-grained detail offers great potential for educational data mining--but what data is logged, and how, can facilitate or impede the realization of that potential.
A quality lumber for cabinetry, furniture and millwork, Northwest Hardwoods says its western alder has the visual appeal of cherry, maple and other expensive, fine-grained species.
A new magnetic separator from S+S Inspection cleans ferrous and magnetised stainless steel from fine-grained, powdery materials in vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes up to 2.50 mm diameter at flow rates of up to 25 m/s.