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His contention is that racing, without time allowances for anything else but tonnage - that is, for size - has fostered the fine art of sailing to the pitch of perfection.
While less liquid and more difficult to value than financial assets, fine art is no less a part of many clients' portfolios -- and a portion of these clients' wealth of which advisors are often unaware.
05 January 2017 - Fine art storage and logistic provider Crozier Fine Arts has acquired the customers and 35,000 square-foot storage facility of Brooklyn, NY-based art storage and transport company of Cirkers Williamsburg, the company said.
What some people consider a fine art is actually a collectible, or just an expensive item used on special occasions, but not exactly artwork.
A specialist in moving and rigging of fine art, Fairfield Fine Arts provides artists, art collectors, art galleries, auction houses, private dealers, and museums with service in protecting their fine art assets.
Menon (second left) with Melanie Cooray, director, GWC Fine Art Logistics; Duncan Capp, Middle East operations manager; Constantine Paul Williamson, commercial director, Constantine Fine Art at the agreement ceremony.
London's first anti-gallery which showcases fine art photography from around the world.
The exhibition, which is the biggest art exhibition to be organized for the first time, aims at achieving cultural, tourist and civilizational goals, especially it uses the fine art in the service of the Omani heritage in a modern and stylish way for the public inside and outside the Sultanate.
Krause's college experience is a microcosm of the debate that's long simmered in the art world: Is there a fine art to illustration?
Fine art printing for photographers; exhibition quality prints with inkjet printers, 2d ed.
ART lovers are being invited to Solihull College to view an exhibition of original pieces at its BA Fine Art Show.
Fine Art Lamps has won copyright infringement cases in China and France.
Whether a novice amateur or a seasoned professional, "Fine Art Printing For Photographers" will prove to be of immense and practical value in mastering the process of taking a digital image and turning it into a fine art print.
Fine Art Treasures Gallery also does business as Morei, Inc.