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Synonyms for finder

someone who comes upon something after searching

someone who is the first to observe something

optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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If the witness did a good job on direct examination, it will be very difficult for the opposing attorney to convince the fact finders to reject the expert's opinion completely.
Way Finders is in the midst of constructing a larger, more centrally located Housing Center at 1780 Main Street in Springfield that will be more easily accessible by transportation and the nearby Union Station complex, eliminating one of the greatest barriers to accessing services.
As part of Labor Finders commitment to its customers, every office offers a solid, no-nonsense guarantee for every placement the company makes.
That's why bowhunters awaited, with bated breath, the arrival of range finders, less the traditionally high-dollar price tags.
Although there is no cost to become a Recruit with ZEAL Finder or for the training provided to them, all Finders must be highly motivated to achieve success.
With the largest base plate of all the finders tested, Telrad is stable.
According to Coldwell Banker Residential, the newly acquired unit will now operate as Chicago Apartment Finders: Leasing Division of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.
This new and refined website is Bangkok Condo Finder's response to the market's demand for a self driven search capability selectively defined for those who are looking for housing within Bangkok but that don't want the hassle of visiting multiple sites in person or the restriction of just looking at pictures of various apartment interiors.
They bring a wealth of knowledge, leadership and influence to the Self Storage Finders platform.