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Synonyms for finder

someone who comes upon something after searching

someone who is the first to observe something

optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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Easy Duplicate Finder supports Windows and Mac operating systems.
With the Control Cabinet Product Finder, customers are able to mouse over any component in the 3D-rendered control cabinet for a list of all the manufacturers of that product and a link to the product detail page of the specified part.
Using the split-pupil finder is straightforward, but several characteristics aren't immediately apparent.
Finders is the operator of the Wetar Copper Project (95% Interest), and the Ojolali Gold Silver Project (72% with option), both located in Indonesia.
Energy Finders holds a 70% interest in the Joint Venture while Int'l.
That's why bowhunters awaited, with bated breath, the arrival of range finders, less the traditionally high-dollar price tags.
I had one of the new Bushnell Compact 600 range finders in my pocket, so I fished it out.
When it's over, the fact finders should be totally convinced of the reasonableness of the conclusion.
Care Finders purchased Emerald Health Care Services, based in Wayne, New Jersey.
As part of Labor Finders commitment to its customers, every office offers a solid, no-nonsense guarantee for every placement the company makes.
FINDER was produced by the Naval Research Laboratory as part of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Airborne sensor program.
Zircon's products include the StudSensor[TM] family, the original and best-selling line of stud and joist finders, the new OneStep[R] line of products with patented CenterVision[R] technology, and a full line of electronic scanning, measuring, and leveling tools for almost every job.
Recruit with ZEAL Finders receive a 10% commission on all recruiting placements involving the candidates they secure and gather resumes for.
The Friday announcement could spark a booming market in products such as direction finders for cars and hand-held transmitters for lost hikers.
The Joint Venture brings substantial capital and management expertise to Energy Finders, Inc.