finder's fee

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a fee that is paid to someone who finds a source of financial backing or to someone who brings people together for business purposes

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If they actually closed on the property they would pay a $500 finder's fee. Gustin gave them the chance to make good on that offer by providing them with the lead.
Montan Mining paid an aggregate finder's fee of CDN 5,600 and issued finders' warrants, which entitle the holders to purchase up to 56,000montan Mining Shares at a price of CDN 0.10 per Montan Mining Share for a period of 12 months.
"I sort of want a finder's fee for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth," the People quoted him as saying.
Eddie Horkan will get a pounds 36,000 finder's fee for luring a US company who were planning to set up in Scotland.
It has paid USD29,085 as a finder's fee in collaboration with the offering.
The concept of a finder's fee comes out of the banking industry, but has been accepted as having applicability in the real estate industry.
The Company has since advised the TSX Venture Exchange that the information regarding the finder's fee has been amended.
We paid a 5% deposit and a pounds 4,500 finder's fee. Now the house is worth less, the construction is behind schedule and we want to pull out.
If you find it doesn't fit/work on your vehicle, please return and maybe we can negotiate a finder's fee. You know the address.
Elizabeth stands to receive an undisclosed finder's fee from the painting's owners.
Callers then say they will assist in recovering the funds for a "finder's fee." Victims are given phone numbers but can't verify if callers are Bar members because no phone numbers are listed on Bar records for the attorneys whose names they are wrongfully using.
But for the right person, this is a dream come tree." FranNet will waive the finder's fee it normally charges the franchisor for placing a candidate.
Carter, who received a $100,000 finder's fee for his proposal that the book "A Beautiful Mind" be made into a movie, was not publicly named in the 16-page code of conduct titled "What Governs Us," the Times reported.
"Whether that means offering a finder's fee or responding to an e-mail from someone in the group who wants advice on a business matter or a sales lead.
In other cases, career or exclusive agents will forge a brokering agreement with independent agents, referring business that they can't write to the independents who then reward them, usually with a finder's fee, Deapo said.