find fault

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harass with constant criticism

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Irwine says, 'But you mustn't find fault with her for that, Mrs.
Knightley loves to find fault with me, you know in a jokeit is all a joke.
"Oh, don't say so, Priscilla," said Nancy, repenting that she had called forth this outburst; "nobody has any occasion to find fault with Godfrey.
'Mr X', as he is known in the report, complained to the council then the England-wide Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, who "did not find fault" in Telford and Wrekin's handling of the case.
There are always purists who will find fault between book and film but author George R R Martin is not complaining: he says the show is 97% faithful to his source material and a prequel series is being made to take us all back to Westeros for more adventures.
Of course this attitude is mainly borne out of love for the individual in their care but it shouldn't be forgotten that part of the reason is that people subconsciously realise that they are responsible for the actions of their pet and so, clearly, to find fault in them is to find fault in themselves.
He said the need to find fault "needlessly rakes up the past" and was not in the public interest.
He blasted critics for only trying to find fault in Duterte's actions.
All the time we find fault with others but fail to mend our own evil ways.
When mentioned, as with the gas exploration contracts, it was to find fault. Here's the story.
'This is not the time to find fault on anyone, particularly those involved in the Marawi operations.
But Do not find fault with all the recommendations.
Whilst a long-term strike might be considered to contravene the Hippocratic Oath, surely nobody could find fault with medics who simply refused to accept the new contract and resigned from their posts?
Absence is a slight concern, but difficult to find fault.
The manifesto itself seems pretty reasonable to me and even some critics struggled to find fault with their popular policies - reopen and develop Manston airport, abolish inheritance tax, scrap HS2, slash foreign aid, an EU referendum now.