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Synonyms for financing

Synonyms for financing

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for financing

the act of financing


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Pushing more and more government money into financing long-term care services will only further desensitize the public to this risk, increase their appetite for taking advantage of the public programs, and reduce their sense of urgency to plan and insure for long-term care.
He has served as the senior investment banker on transactions to secure billions of dollars in financing for clients such as the city of New York, city of Atlanta, city of Chicago, the port of Oakland, the Denver Airport, and the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority.
In addition to loan service, there are also auto insurance, conditional financing, credit card, etc., which have permeated into manufacturing, sale, consumption, and every links and relevant industry, and a complete industry chain of finance service has been formed.
Wells Fargo Capital Finance is the trade name for certain asset-based lending services, senior secured lending services, accounts receivable and purchase order finance services, and channel finance services of Wells Fargo & Company and its subsidiaries, and provides traditional asset-based lending, specialized senior and junior secured financing, accounts receivable financing, purchase order financing and channel finance to companies across the United States and internationally.
PT Toyota Astra Financial Services (TAF) set target for financing the purchases of motor vehicles with a credit of Rp 10.5 trillion in 2014 or an increase of 10.5% from Rp 9.36 trillion in 2013.
This is a pre-requisite before incorporating any entity that is to engage in the provision of financing, whether it be real estate finance or micro-finance activities.
Judd Volk, senior associate of GCP Capital Group LLC, arranged the financing.
Credit Suisse says that "the value created by reducing the financing cost of goods moving through the supply chain by even a few basis points is far greater than any cost savings possible from traditional transportation and warehousing targets." And with supply chains expanding--the result of dynamics such as globalization, low-cost country sourcing, business process outsourcing and the like--the problem is likely to get worse as current trends play out.
In the meantime, some members of Congress are already working on legislation to establish full public financing of congressional elections.
Over a century later, in 1958, John Deere Credit Company was formally established to provide funding for John Deere retail financing programs.
Premium financing is the practice of lending cash to a personal or commercial venture to pay its vital property/casualty insurance premiums in one lump sum, and spread the payments over the fiscal year.
We look forward to now having additional financial resources and expertise to offer our clients around the world." Scott Beiser, Houlihan Lokey's other Co-Chief Executive Officer added, "In addition to accelerating the international expansion of our three advisory businesses, we will be in a unique position to grow the business of the Corporate Finance Group by extending a variety of financing alternatives to US businesses."
Pension funds also have been important to financing, particularly for Chile's biggest companies, though the private pension funds are near their legal limit for equity investments.
Thus, small business owners frequently are forced to turn to expensive credit card debt or friends-and-family financing, which can create touchy, personal problems.
13 (2003), the Tax Court held, as a matter of law, that the economic benefit from below-market financing can be an amortizable intangible asset, if the taxpayer can establish a fair market value (FMV) and limited useful life.
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