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Synonyms for financier

Synonyms for financier

one who is occupied with or expert in large-scale financial affairs

Synonyms for financier

a person skilled in large scale financial transactions

conduct financial operations, often in an unethical manner

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The agency releases P500 million worth of checks to the financier and the financier will return it minus 10 percent.
Going forward, we seek to remain committed and on track in our commitments to financiers.
The owner will want the hotel to be a success and will want to support the operator and financiers in reaching agreement, as this will be critical to the success of the project.
L e Maroc se positionne en tete du podium dans le continent africain en termes de competitivite, d'attraction des Investissements directs etrangers (IDE) des infrastructures de base et de developpement financier.
Le premier concerne l'institut national de la meteorologie, alors que les deux autres concernent des accords de cooperation financiers avec l'Allemagne et la France.
The only way the 10 residential towers could be completed is by permitting a potential financier to appoint their own construction contractor - but with the provision that construction funds are payable from the financier direct to their contractor, and not diverted via a middleman.
Chauhan and Justice FAI Kalifulla said it was a settled proposition of law that the financier retained the ownership during the subsistence of the hire- purchase agreement.
Release date- 22102012 - Sundance Resources (ASX: SDL) is pleased to announce that Hanlong has secured two Financier Commitment Letters.
e* By accepting the pledge or transfer title, the financier now has beneficial ownership of the underlying assets.
As the brand's exclusive agents for the last three years, Rubens and Shinn brought Financier to First Avenue and 54th Street, as well as 48thStreet and Avenue of the Americas.
However, such blocked shares cannot be pledged against market-to-market losses of any broker and non-broker financier.
1 billion during 2009, covering petroleum products, iron and steel and soft commodities including rice and tea, The DMCCA-operated electronic warehouse receipt system also added enhanced features to cover the pledge of commodities held in vessels within UAE territorial waters in favour of the financier, further expanding the appeal of the GMR.
The bull represents the golden bull of Wall Street and the man pinned to the wall is jailed financier Bernard Madoff
The disgraced financier, whose case has made worldwide news because of his connections to Hizbullah, told an investigating magistrate that he had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investments and deposits abroad.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi army forces on Wednesday arrested the financier for an al-Qaeda-linked group in Ninewa, a security source said.