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Speaking on the occasion, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) deputy head Khan Afzal Hadawal said the public credit registry was a safe system for financial organizations, commercial banks, telecom companies and other enterprises to have accurate information about their credits.
3400, an apportionment regulation for financial organizations.
The contract referred to in this consultation procedure passed as appropriate, relates to Benefit optimization consulting internal financial organization of the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris, to satisfy the needs of the headquarters of the Public Assistance - Paris hospitals.
NET-compatible version of its Expere Integrated Enterprise (Expere IE) solution in order to make the company's revolutionary compliance content management solution available to a wider range of financial organizations.
greater than 80%, averaged over a three-year period) in the business activities of a financial organization during the year to qualify.
In redefining the financial organization, AT&T's management is working with employees to better understand how financial decisions affect the customer, and ultimately how these changes affect the employee.
In a recent case, the Illinois Circuit Court for Cook County was forced to interpret the boundaries of Illinois's financial organization statute.
The four cornerstones of a team-oriented financial organization are:
New IRA Service Center To Help Financial Organizations Retain
John has been a strong leader of our financial organization and recently headed the Company's strategic planning process.
This presentation will give financial organizations the guidance they need to optimize their operational risk frameworks to withstand the rapid pace of regulatory change.
Although financial organizations encourage clients to plan ahead, they don't always take their own advice.
a developer of departmental data reconciliation and custom designed data management solutions, has released DataCheck, a data integrity assurance system that assists financial organizations in reconciling data through a simple, positive query system.
Financial organizations that provide ATM and credit or debit card transaction services are built upon the electronic funds transfer (EFT) network and processing platform.
The company said the new unit will leverage Primedia's existing financial trade publications, including Registered Representative and Trusts & Estates, and develop new print and online products targeted to brokers, bankers, financial planners, investors, financial organizations and investor relations professionals.
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