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an obligation to pay money to another party

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Under the proposed regulations, the term of the lease for purposes of determining the applicable recovery period includes any period of time with respect to which a lessee (or a party related to the lessee) retains a financial obligation to make a payment of rent or a payment in the nature of rent (including a payment intended to substitute for rent or to fund or supplement the rental payment of another).
financial obligation. A BCR is not investment advice, nor should it
policy, contract, security or any other financial obligation, nor
A Best's Credit Rating (BCR) is a forward-looking independent and objective opinion regarding an insurer's, issuer's or financial obligation's relative creditworthiness.
In today's turbulent economic climate, more and more commercial tenants are faced with a decrease in revenue while having to meet the same financial obligations as in a strong economy.
Those disclosures would focus, in part, on the information included in the risk-management activities used by the insurance enterprise to evaluate credit deterioration in its insured financial obligations, including (1)the groupings or categories used to track insured financial obligations with credit deterioration, (2) the insurance enterprise's policies for placing an insured financial obligation in and monitoring each grouping or category, and (3) financial information about the insured financial obligations included within those groupings and categories.
All renters' financial obligations should be carefully noted, with a system put into place to track their compliance.
President Rodrigo Duterte terminated Millar last week for allegedly extorting money from a company to expedite the release of HUDCC's payment for its financial obligation.
In April of this year, he fulfilled what he perceived to be a 70-year financial obligation by sending the city $100,000.
The state-run firm has a financial obligation of P449.4 billion as of the end of June, 64 percent lower than its peak of P1.24 trillion in 2003.
3) Financial obligation (Zimmah maliyah) of Tabarru` fund is independent from the financial obligation of Takaful operator and individual Takaful participant.
A clear decline in bank debts by 10 per cent during the first six months of the year reflects the direction of the board of directors in meeting the company's financial obligation and rely on internal sources to fund the company's business operations.
RCBC president and chief executive officer Gil Buenaventura said: 'RCBC's solid liquidity position allowed it to completely satisfy this financial obligation. In addition to the bank's significant liquidity position, lowering cost of funding was also a major consideration.
T argues that, although she transferred the lakefront properties to a third party and not to H; her former spouse, the sale should be treated as a constructive transfer to a former spouse, because she sold the properties to satisfy her financial obligation to H under the divorce decree.
Costs have increased significantly in recent years and companies have a substantial financial obligation on their hands.
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