financial loss

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loss of money or decrease in financial value

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The plaintiff claimed that he suffered a financial loss of over Rs400 million due to the baseless allegations and vilification campaign against him.
New Delhi [India], Dec 24 ( ANI ): Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi has said that he intends to take legal action against his predecessor Sheharyar Khan for holding him responsible for the financial loss that the cricket board suffered after the International Cricket Council's Disputes Resolution Committee rejected its compensation claim in a case that they had filed against the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
There will be no financial loss to the council tax payer.Newcastle and Gateshead councils
"While the fact that nearly half of the victims were tricked into giving up their online banking credentials was surprising, the aggregate value of the financial losses created by only half of one percent of a bank's customers is staggering," said Klein.
Prosecutor Timothy Mousley told Birmingham crown court: "He caused maximum interference to the railways and huge financial loss to Network Rail."
In total, throughout the course of this year 494 survey respondents reported financial losses of USD141,496,560 from computer crime.
Oversight Technologies has launched what it says is the "first continuous transaction incident monitoring system to tackle the threats from authorized users performing unauthorized transactions." The Atlanta company's patentpending system monitors enterprise financial systems to detect, prevent and deter financial loss from systems-based fraud, misuse and errors.
The financial loss caused by significant computer attacks in 2002 declined by 56 percent from 2001, even though the number of attacks was roughly the same in both years, according to the latest Computer Crime and Security Survey.
1, but there would be liability if a client experienced identity theft and financial loss that could be traced to a tax planner's mailing.
Pension adjustments will also be available for a small number of employees who experienced a financial loss because of early retirement as a result of false allegations.
However, cyber-security risk insurance enables a company to take the financial loss off its balance sheet and move it to that of a third party.
The cost effectiveness and processing speed of environmental insurance, which protects lending institutions from financial loss and liability resulting when a loan defaults and real estate collateral is contaminated, have also drawn praise from lenders' customers.
To make up the financial loss, however, a couple in South Florida tendered a $200,000 gift to the council in September expressing their longtime admiration and support of Scouting.
Dauphinee pegged the financial loss at around $5 million.
"I had no financial loss whatsoever," disclosed Johnson.
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