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The Electronic Payments Network (EPN), has launched the industry's first centralized OFAC screening solution for financial institutions originating and receiving cross-border ACH transactions.
any funds transmittal that the financial institution records as required under law or that it records and maintains electronically in which the suspect was either transmitter or recipient during the preceding six months
As recent events have highlighted, a financial institution may assume substantial reputational and legal risk if the institution enters into a complex structured finance transaction with a customer and the customer uses the transaction to circumvent regulatory or financial reporting requirements, evade tax liabilities, or further other illegal or improper behavior.
Through the Identrus system, corporate customers of Identrus member financial institutions can conduct electronic transactions with confidence in the integrity, authenticity, and privacy of the communications.
Assuming the required agreements are in place, transacting cross-border payments is a process that uses the existing clearinghouse network infrastructure to settle payments between the originating depository financial institution and originating gateway operator, and between the receiving gateway operator and receiving depository financial institution.
The Financial Institution Crime Awareness Course provides a tangible way for the Suffolk County Police Department to demonstrate its concern for the safety of community residents.
Note: An election of treatment for losses in one financial institution does not affect the treatment of losses from other financial institutions.
How to comply with the exception for disclosures under a joint marketing arrangement with an unrelated financial institution.
has rolled out AIG e-dorsement, an enhancement to its financial institutions professional liability coverage that addresses professional services performed via the Internet.
The volatility of account balances and classes of transactions must be carefully considered in designing a financial institution audit.
We created a front-end solution that gives financial institutions the ability to attract additional deposits through a more targeted and strategic approach.
branches and agencies of foreign banks, as well as through special projects and various other programs, monitors financial institutions in an attempt to stop money laundering activities.
If not, the entity's financial statements should disclose the total amount of financial institution deposits and the amount of these deposits:
Bank's Image Cash Letter Service is designed to serve a wide range of financial institution clients varying in size and scope.
Overall, nearly every household that uses any financial institution uses a local financial institution, while only one in five uses a nonlocal institution.
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