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Synonyms for financial

Synonyms for financial

of or relating to finances or those who deal in finances

Synonyms for financial

involving financial matters



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For the dependence is upon ye to obviate the curse of the nigger man and the blonde lady and the financial loss of the one-sixty-five.
Throughout his life, however, he continued to be involved in large debts and financial difficulties, the pressure of which on a less buoyant spirit would have been a very serious handicap.
Strangers were taken in front of the meanest possible, begrimed, yellowy, flat brick wall, with two rows of unadorned window-holes one above the other, and were exhorted with bated breath to behold and admire the simplicity of the head- quarters of the great financial force of the day.
My dear fellow I have merely stripped the rags of business verbiage and financial jargon off my statements.
The quarrel which had taken place between prisoner and his stepmother was freely admitted, but both it and his financial embarrassments had been grossly exaggerated.
The readiness with which he admitted his financial difficulties, and the disagreement with his stepmother, lent value to his denials.
During all the financial stress through which the school has passed, his patience and faith in our ultimate success have not left him.
Financial aid laws and implications: According to the "2006-2007 Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA), a student who seeks Federal financial aid and plans to enter college in September 2007, for example, must file an application no earlier than January 2007.
Since the summit, CalCPA has had requests from organizations across the country and throughout California to collaborate on financial literacy programs, provide CPA experts as speakers, distribute materials and share tips on how to launch similar efforts.
In 2005, the AICPA will celebrate its 20th year supporting CPAs as they continue their role in the expanding field of personal financial planning (PFP).
This strong desire to leave an inheritance can be used as a sales lead-in by financial advisers trying to sell LTC insurance.
71 What are the requirements to invest in or control a financial subsidiary?
Anyone who has financial goals and objectives" but doesn't feel completely comfortable coming up with their own strategies "should hire an advisor," says Elissa Buie, president of the Denver-based Institute of Certified Financial Planners.
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