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Hatred and contempt hissed in her utterance of the word "finances," but at the very moment she gently stroked the cat reposing in her arms.
They were the victims of the Ministry of Finances. Don't ask me how we lived.
I have never felt that I was very useful, but I live in hopes of seeing all the Ministries destroyed, finances and all.
"Well, but I am not the superintendent of his majesty's finances -- I have my purse -- surely I would do much for his majesty's welfare -- some legacy -- but I cannot disappoint my family."
"A Theatin, monseigneur, is a bad judge in matters of finance," replied Colbert, coolly.
By doing away with the machinery of indirect taxation, which is very costly (a State, as it were, within a State), both the public finances and the individual tax-payer are greatly benefited, not to speak of the saving in costs of collecting.
The steady application of this principle brought Rabourdin to reforms in the finance system.
To lighten the burden of taxation is not, in matters of finance, to diminish the taxes, but to assess them better; if lightened, you increase the volume of business by giving it freer play; the individual pays less and the State receives more.
The whole subject is indeed less a question of finance than a question of government.
This man, named Emery, was the object of popular detestation, in the first place because he was superintendent of finance, and every superintendent of finance deserved to be hated; in the second place, because he rather deserved the odium which he had incurred.
This was the same Emery who became eventually superintendent of finance.
He had been responsible, he and the great firm of which he was the head, for international finance conducted on the soundest principles, finance which scorned speculation, finance which rolled before it the great snowball of automatically accumulated wealth.
These big captains of industry and masters of finance, he decided, were the men to work with.
The means of revenue, which have been so greatly multiplied by the increase of gold and silver and of the arts of industry, and the science of finance, which is the offspring of modern times, concurring with the habits of nations, have produced an entire revolution in the system of war, and have rendered disciplined armies, distinct from the body of the citizens, the inseparable companions of frequent hostility.
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