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Synonyms for finance

Synonyms for finance

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Words related to finance

the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets

the management of money and credit and banking and investments

obtain or provide money for

sell or provide on credit

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In 2013, FIF Group started with financing the purchases of 1,000 units per year for brand new and second hand cars mainly in eastern Indonesia--Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua, while ACC already financed the purchases of 10,000 units of cars per months.
It's time to join citizens nationwide and push for publicly financed elections for Congress and in the state and localities where you live.
Typical lines of insurance coverage financed include property, general liability, auto, workers' compensation, umbrella plans and excess policies.
Still, there is no reason congressional elections could not be financed publicly.
(3) The regulations obscure this not-very-subtle arrangement by referring to the lender and borrower in polysyllabic terms -- financing entity" and "financed entity" -- that are almost identical.
A financing arrangement exists at least three parties (a financing entity, an intermediate entity an a financed entity) participate in least two related financing transactions.
With the rise in sales, financing value is also expected to increase as up to 90% of motor vehicle purchases are financed with credits provided mainly by multi-finance companies.
It was designed to reinforce the IMF's longstanding policy that, prior to its own disbursements, the Fund should have appropriate assurances that a program it supported financially would be adequately financed overall.
The structure allowed both stadiums to be financed primarily on a tax-exempt basis through the issuance of bonds supported solely by negotiated payments (in lieu of taxes) to be made by affiliates of the teams.
And despite the risks of operating in the region, Duncan says the firm has never been stiffed; it's always found a buyer for the merchandise it's brokered or financed.
In certificate-of-need (CON) states, nursing homes can be financed almost immediately upon receipt of the CON.
In addition to providing one of the largest loans that Colors received, NFF has been instrumental in organizing the consortium of 15 community development lenders, who financed more than $1 million of the amount needed for us to get off the ground.
Banks and finance companies are one common source of working capital financed against receivables, and factors are a second.
That deal, which closed in late 2004, was notable as the first New York commercial project financed through the sale of post-9/11 Liberty Bonds.
The loan served as a replacement of a land loan and financed the construction of the project.
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