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Craft's final judgment to pay $299,000 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest and a $50,000 penalty is deemed satisfied by the order requiring Craft to transfer certain assets to settle an adversary action against Craft and his business filed by Stephen Darr, the Chapter 11 Trustee of TelexFree LLC, TelexFree, Inc.
4th DCA 1989)--The facts in Goolsby are almost identical to those found in Brandt, except that Goolsby was decided at the trial court level by way of a final judgment rather than by way of a settlement agreement.
The attorneys' fees awarded to class counsel from the settlement fund are not includible in a class member's gross income, because the members do not have any express contractual relationship with class counsel and were not identified until after the final judgment.
In awarding a final judgment of possession to the landlord, the Appellate Term applied a strict interpretation of a rent stabilized tenant's obligation to respond to an offer of renewal.
On February 10th, the Superior Court of Massachusetts entered a Final Judgment incorporating the Court's earlier rulings rejecting the claims of LightLab Imaging that either Volcano or Axsun used LightLab trade secret information in the development of the Volcano Optical Coherence Tomography ("OCT") System or the Axsun OCT laser.
SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against CEO Charged With Accounting Fraud
Can the court proceed with entry of a final judgment in the absence of financial affidavits?
Under the automatic disciplinary provisions of the Institute's bylaws, the following member has had his AICPA membership:--Terminated because of a final judgment of conviction for a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year:
Judge David Long signed the final judgment in Superior Court that includes a permanent injunction restricting George Thompson and his employees from making claims that made Thompson's name familiar to consumers across the region.
As a result, upon the conclusion of the trial Judge Howard Malatzky ruled in favor of the owner, awarding a final judgment of possession to the apartment.
However, until the court issued a final judgment on the amount of cash required to be paid by B for the stock, the cash remained in escrow.
4 million final judgment stemming from its May 15th, 2009 trial verdict and corresponding $6.
Ben Wilson Bane and Consuella Kathleen Bane entered into a property settlement agreement that was incorporated into a final judgment of dissolution of marriage.
An important and recurring issue in civil litigation is how soon after final judgment must a prevailing litigant file a motion for attorneys' fees in the trial court.
the Appellate Term, First Judicial Department, issued a unanimous reversal of a prior Civil Court order and awarded a final judgment of possession to the owner.