final examination

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an examination administered at the end of an academic term

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BCVA increased at final examination compared to baseline in all of the patients.
A trainee has one of several options after passing the FCS final examination.
Of the 1975 RN students who sat the state final examination, 1832 (93 per cent) passed, the lowest percentage in five years.
Summary: The success rate in the final examination of primary school (fifth) for the year 2014-2015 reached 81.
All the participants will undergo final examination at the end of the course, being supervised by Sports Training and Development specialist Hussain Ali Abbas.
The latest set of results marks the final examination sitting for the 2010 syllabus.
Candidates are refused permission to write the final examination if the logbook requirements have not been met.
Participants that pass the final examination are awarded an official Accor Diploma.
The semester's final examination would have been held this past week, but none of the classrooms were open.
Sessions will be held in the morning, and participants will be subject to final examination at the end of the course.
Former apprentice brewer at Namibia Breweries, Fredy Piepmeyer, was one of only 30 candidates awarded for scoring an aggregate mark above 80% in his final examination at a training institution in Germany.
Boisvert-Landry obtained A+ in the FIS 744 course and also performed well in the final examination.
Midterm examination was conducted at the end of the first semester and the final examination was held at the end of the second semester.