final exam

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an examination administered at the end of an academic term

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Maryland's largest district dropped final exams for many high school students this fall, with more of the state's schools following suit to cut back on time students spend preparing for and taking tests.
The sample sizes for SAT-M and ACT-M do not sum to the total number of students taking the final exam because some students took both the SAT-M and ACT-M.
Earlier at the meeting, Al Mualla said the ministry and in coordination with the managements of educational zones and schools had exerted huge efforts to arrange for the third semester final exams.
H4: There is a positive relationship between attempting 'online formative assessment' and 'scores in each topic in the final exam.
The scores of these initial quizzes are credited to the final exam (scores of the quizzes taken during the course were announced shortly after they were conducted and thus, prior to the final exam).
An initial investigation by the college administration of over 250 final exams resulted in cases of alleged cheating involving 'nearly half the students for the course', the report said.
They said that the official also sold question papers to students ahead of their final exams.
CDATA[ Jewish leaders are slamming a final exam question in Canada that addresses the suffering of children in conflicts, particularly Gaza.
The final grade for these subjects depends on a final exam at the students' own school, as well as an evaluation of their performance throughout the year.
Socializing with the opposite sex is discouraged, political and religious dissent is banned, and at the end of their school years they sit for the most intimidating and life-altering final exam in the region.
Hypothesis: A mock corroborative clinical exam administered prior to the final exam will reduce anxiety and therefore increase the comfort level and skill performance of the 1st year dental hygiene student.
Through the telling of her stories, Final Exam is an account of Chen's evolving understanding of what she can and cannot accomplish as a physician and surgeon, and how she is gradually learning to overcome "lessons in denial and depersonalization" so inherent in health care today, particularly in the world of medicine.
The final exam was identical for both groups, consisting of multiple choice questions on OO concepts and an OO programming problem.
AP) -A former police cadet is suing Oakland Community College for injuries she says came from hand-to-hand combat during her final exam.
Study 1 compared the outcomes and perceptions of students (N = 66) on 3 non-comprehensive multiple-choice exams which were sequentially, randomly, and reverse ordered and Study 2 investigated the outcomes and perceptions of students on a multiple-choice final exam.