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Still the final decision will be taken by the Supreme Court only.
I must then come to a final decision on whether or not the merger can proceed, including any conditions that will apply in order to do so.
The ECHO understands a final decision could be made from August 14.
Despite the interim measure, according to the rules of procedure of the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Finance had no right to start paying the subsidies before the Court reached its final decision.
Make your final decision," Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul, which was broadcast live on television.
On the last matter, it would appear that, as things stand, the final decisions will be taken by the Cabinet, a couple of councillors from one party and the civil servants appointed by them.
EC has said that notification on the success of these two senators will not be issued till final decision is not rendered by IHC.
TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS), a diversified manufacturer of engineered and applied products, revealed today its final decision to partly move the gasket and fastener operations from its Lamons Houston facility to a new facility in Mexico.
With the need to come up with the final decision before the next transfer window, CAS issued the final decision without the supporting grounds yet.
Last week, yet more delays over a final decision were announced.
That doesn't, however, mean that you have equal responsibility in the final decision.
We have called a meeting of MLAs at 2pm and then final decision will be taken," P spokesman Manish Sisodia said after the almost three-hour meeting.
The ECB is to make its final decision on who would become the head of the new banking supervisor in December.
Summary: March 14 MP Nayla Tueni said Friday she had yet to make a final decision on running in next year's parliamentary elections, the National News Agency reported.
Once the final decision is taken by the NIB, no other ministry or department or authority should be able to interfere with that decision or delay its implementation," he said during his intervention at the meeting of the full Planning Commission.