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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Laine & Smoker (14) have defined the osteomeatal complex as an aerated channel of the middle meatus representing the final common pathway for drainage of the maxillary and frontal sinuses and anterior ethmoid cells, delimited by the uncinate process, ethmoidal bulla and middle turbinate.
There are hundreds of theories on aging, the final common pathway regardless of the cause is less water, and we offer an approach to address it.
Perhaps the similarity in appearance is more than casual if we consider such a lesion final common pathway of more than one cause for vascular thrombosis.
Our 3 case reports provide further evidence to support the idea that endolymphatic hydrops represents the final common pathway in the production of Meniere's symptomatology.
The incidence of congestive heart failure-the final common pathway of myocardial dysfunction in most forms of cardiac disease-has increased 5-fold in the last 3 decades and is currently growing at a rate of 550,000 new cases annually.