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  • verb

Synonyms for finagle

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

to take clever or cunning steps to achieve one's goals

Synonyms for finagle

achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods

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Witness its finagling with ticket prices, refreshments, parking, TV deals, salary caps, special luxury boxes, and, of course, its magnificent contribution to the gouge--personal seat licensing: asking the customer to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the privilege of reserving a seat.
Meanwhile, Superintendent Bob DeLaVergne is wondering if all this finagling is legal since Oregon law stipulates that a candidate can only seek one spot in a district.
To further complicate matters, the political finagling pitted immigrant rights groups against the communities they work to support.
I finally got to see some shows in Denver by finagling rides with some older guys with new wave inclinations who were working in town for the summer.
But after various finagling the Saints said cool, and there I was on the evening of July 18, 1994, at Midway (nee municipal) Stadium.
FINAGLING lawyer Jim Carrey is forced to tell the truth for 24 hours after his disappointed young son makes a birthday wish.
All that Mercredi needed back then was 60 per cent of the vote, and while he had 54 per cent support after the first ballot, it took another two ballots and a lot of backroom finagling to push that support to 60.
Things have been more complex with the Joffrey Ballet, although here, too, after a certain degree of muddle, doubt, and finagling, the reins have been handed over to Arpino, Joffrey's handpicked lieutenant and the cofounder of the company and its school.
Cusack's young enough to think politics should be about the issues - whereas veteran Pacino knows that it's fudging, favours and finagling that get things done.
Obtaining the spectra and images, which Esposito presented at the March 21 press conference, required some unique Hubble maneuvers, as well as some last-minute finagling of its observing schedule.
Told in three parts (revealingly, Books I and III are titled "Smoke" and "Mirrors"), the book chronicles Gray's life from his genuinely wholesome Nebraska roots through thirty years of ceaselessly cultivating political access, from finagling a glorified lackey job in the Eisenhower White House through what amounted to attending the right Beltway parties (Republican, Democratic or Chinese Communist--whiChever might prove useful to present or future clients, who would include the Rev.
But countries generally prefer to use a broadly accepted and traded currency for trade rather than a national currency that cannot be readily exchanged and that may be subject to political finagling.
After finagling an unannounced meeting with the Citizen Kane director and asking for work, Graver became his primary cameraman and friend until Welles' death in 1985.
Slater and Parker make a sharp pair of leads, each handling their dialogue with crisp efficiency, while Pinsent is solid as the finagling cardinal.