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a deceiver who uses crafty misleading methods

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There are three cousins, all Bone creatures, and one is a bit of a finagler, so they get kicked out of their little village.
But he assured me that I only needed 15 minutes worth--which I assumed meant 30 minutes (he's such a finagler).
California Senate leader Burton, who represents much of the same San Francisco area in the state Senate that Pelosi represents in Congress (and is an old Pelosi ally besides), is arguably the most brilliant--and certainly the most progressive--legislative strategist and finagler in any legislature (Congress included) today.
Now expanded, his book includes more stories, compiled from hundreds of interviews with the visionaries, finaglers, protesters, and intrepid workers who built the arch while one misstep away from a fatal fall.
For the past few weeks, Alexis has been following in the footsteps of some of the States' finest finaglers, but in NYC he takes on one of the trickiest forms of con there is: the proposition bet.