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having a fringe of slender processes

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Kim, "HbiF regulates type 1 fimbriation independently of FimB and FimE," Infection and Immunity, vol.
1A, B) slender and cirriform or short and papilliform (might be retractile); remaining ones more stout and tapering to a short tip, somewhat longer than postchaetal lobe, bearing two dark glandular ridges but lacking fimbriation (Fig.
It was reduced to a narrow white border or 'fimbriation', to prevent the red colour of the cross touching the blue background, which would have broken one of the arcane rules of the heralds' mystery.
George with its white fimbriation" (John Woodward and George Burnett, A Treatise on Heraldry: British and Foreign with English and French Glossaries [Edinburgh and London, 1892], p.