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of a cigar or cigarette

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produces non-filter-tipped Empire cigarettes for the local market, but Vidal Browne said that a first priority would be to move into producing a filter-tipped cigarette and seek to capitalize on the cigar market, which is "growing at a phenomenal rate".
As a result of this first wave of research, filter-tipped Winstons were introduced in 1954.
The payoff, as detailed in this lucidly written, eloquently argued book, is a filter-tipped, foil-wrapped, multi-bilion-dollar license to kill.
Nowadays, at many of the public houses, mine host and his missus cast an eye of disdain on anyone who darkens their door with heavily stained nicotine fingers and promptly herd you and your packet of twenty filter-tipped into a dingy corner like an unclean leper, away from the much-preferred non-smoker whose has brought his family and friends for a long money-spinning pub lunch.
A new book shows how consumer culture took off here in the 1950s with a cornucopia of brightly packaged convenience products - from automatic washing machines to Tupperware and filter-tipped cigarettes.