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a porous unsized paper used for filtering

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The PPy:PSS composites obtained with the 1.0 [micro]m filter paper had much higher crystallinity than those of the PPy:PSS composites produced from the filter papers with the 0.2-0.8 [micro]m pore size.
For the estimation of repellency filter papers of 9cm in diameter were cut into two equal halves.
By contrast, paper SERS substrates prepared through soaking the filter paper with colloidal nanoparticles demonstrate higher enhancement factors of up to 10 [10].
Filter paper has been considered a good alternative for the collection, shipment, and storage of clinical samples, particularly in rural areas and low-resource settings.
Now open out your filter paper and you will have the shape of a pair of butterfly wings.
The Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter uses the saturate filter paper extraction method to create a test sample on the blast cleaned surface prior to the application of the coating and a conductivity meter to determine the soluble salt concentration in the filter paper.
With this in mind, the company has focused for many years on improving the sustainability of its tea filter paper. Some of its sustainable product developments have been on producing filter paper made from abaca fibers.
Spectral reflectance data for non aged and aged filter papers soaked in surface active agent (SAA) solution are presented at Fig.1., [w.sub.SAA] = 1.0 % and Fig.2., [w.sub.SAA] = 2.5 %.
Photocopy paper made from recycled fibre and filter papers were used like experimental samples.
Both sites make a range of wetlaid nonwovens that are used in tea and coffee filter papers, cleanroom wipes, lens tissue, dye filter paper, double-sided adhesive tape substrates and battery grid pasting tissue.
To test that hypothesis, they implanted filter papers into the brains of newborn and adult rats to create lesions and to collect the chemical soup produced by astrocytes in the resulting scar tissue.
The filtration media market is sub-divided into filter papers (cellulose filter papers, glass microfiber filter papers, and quartz filter papers), membrane filters, syringe filters, syringeless filters, capsule filters, filtration microplates, and others.