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a porous unsized paper used for filtering

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Next step was the coating of polymer matrix on filter paper/glass fiber in the same way as coating was applied on carbon fiber mat, this coated filter paper was placed carefully on already coated carbon fiber mat, and a copper wire was also placed on extreme corner of each carbon fiber mat, between carbon fiber and filter paper.
As shown in Scheme 1, microporous filter paper was used as a dividing wall in a two-compartment cell to control the diffusion speed of the Fe[Cl.sub.3] initiator and to separate selectively the molecular weight of the PSS template.
The third and final filter layer of the apparatus is KOH filter paper. The normal filter paper is taken that have the size of 0.2[micro]m.the KOH is taken in a normality of 0.5.
A Schleicher & Schuell #903 (S&S 903) filter paper card was prepared for each patient, and 30 [micro]l of serum was spotted onto each circle.
NaCl was reported as one of the most effective aggregating agents that can be used prior to the soaking of filter paper with concentrated colloidal silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) [17, 18].
Impression of conjunctiva with cellulose acetate filter paper was taken from inferonasal-bulbar conjunctiva and was stained with Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) and counter-stained with haematoxylin and eosin.
However, poor-quality filter paper and improperly collected DBS may significantly alter the performance of NBS, yielding poorer test results, the risk of missed cases, and delays in testing, each creating the need for a replacement sample and a possibly delayed diagnosis.
RNA is then easily recovered with a brief elution, while most of the gDNA and PCR inhibitors remain bound on the filter paper discs.
Now open out your filter paper and you will have the shape of a pair of butterfly wings.
Glatfelter, supplier of high quality filter paper, has developed a solution for tea and coffee companies to promote the consumer brand experience through filter paper branding.
An experiment was conducted to determine the Cd toxicity on wheat in soil and filter paper media.
(A) Conidia-Treated Bait versus Untreated Filter Paper. In the first experiment, the test unit included a bait treated with M.
The new Sniffer with a special applicator (tester stick) developed especially for the Sniffer, is able to vacuum all suspected substances and non-suspected substances on a specially developed filter paper fixed on the applicator.