filmy fern

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any fern of the genus Hymenophyllum growing in tropical humid regions and having translucent leaves

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The specific epithet commemorates Roelof van den Bosch, a nineteenth century botanist who studied filmy ferns.
The leaf primordia lose the leaf apical cell early; the marginal meristem initials are atypical in that they divide to produce derivatives in a uniseriate fashion, as in filmy ferns (Bower, 1889, 1923), rather than dividing to produce segments alternately to the upper and lower sides of the lamina as in other leptosporangiate ferns.
Trichomanes boschianum Sturm, Bristle Fern; Filmy Fern.
Hymenophyllum wrightii Bosch is a filmy fern (Hymenophyllaceae) found primarily in Japan and Korea, but with small disjunct populations on the northwest coast of North America.
wrightii because it is the only filmy fern known from western North America and because the North American gametophytes do not differ morphologically from gametophytes found growing among H.
Exploring the utility of three plastid loci for biocoding the filmy ferns (Hymenophyllaceae) of Moorea.
Elaphoglossum, ferns, filmy ferns, grammitid ferns, lycophytes, Selaginella
Five of the new records belong to Elaphoglossum, four species are filmy ferns, and three are grammitids.
Comparative ecophysiological measurements on the light responses, water relations and desiccation tolerance of the filmy ferns Hymenopbyllum wilsonii Hook.
These include the filmy ferns (Hymenophyllaceae), grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae), and the genus Elaphoglossum (Dryopteridaceae).
Highly abundant groups with numerous epiphytic species in the area are the filmy ferns (Hymenophyllaceae), grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae), and the genus Elaphoglossum (Dryopteridaceae).
In contrast, a pair of filmy ferns, Trichomanes godmanii Hook.
Filmy ferns (Hymenophyllaceae) of Central Africa (Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi).
Angiopteris, Osmunda, filmy ferns, and gleichenioid ferns all possess the "tobacco" (ancestral) gene order.
The authors have generally adopted the most recent classification/taxonomy available for a given genus, with only minor exceptions: filmy ferns are presented in the traditional two genera system, rather than the recently published 9-genus classification by Ebihara et al.