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His $43 billion entity includes filmed entertainment (Warner Bros., New Line Cinema); television networks (The CW); cable television networks (HBO, TBS, TNT, Cinemax); interactive services (AOL); cable systems (Time Warner Cable); and publishing (People, Sports Illustrated).
That same year he filmed a naked woman with a tape recorder (Documentary Footage; also not to be shown at the Whitney this season), first asking a series of questions about her body, then answering them.
The epic Peter Jackson film, which was filmed and produced in New Zealand, put the island nation on the radar of advertising agencies all over the world.
For the movie, "A Simple Plan," which was filmed in Minnesota in the winter, producers purchased $2 million in coverage from an undisclosed insurer to hedge against two contingencies: a blizzard, which would hamper production; and a lack of snow, Moraga said.
These countries are where the United States has "restored democracy," and they are the most dangerous places in which I have ever filmed. We interviewed people whose faces we blacked out.
The cast and crew filmed at many locations including the Coney Island amusement park and the top of the Empire State Building.
From his earliest to his most recent films, Beavers has combined an exacting formal examination of camera movement and framing with richly filmed depictions of people and places encountered in his nomadic life.
The clips in Weird Sex and Snowshoes play off interviews filmed across the country last winter.
CC: You both had to penetrate an enclosed universe that, as filmmakers, is highly problematic, since both traditions largely prohibit the filming of rituals, and their adherents are for the most part unwilling to be filmed.