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someone who writes screenplays


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The median earnings of female film writers in 2004 averaged $65,966 versus $84,963 for white males.
By creating a community of independent film writers within the guilds, the guilds' goals are to address the needs of writers in independent film and to advance the interests and careers of these writers.
This year, the nonprofit organization, founded in 2001 by Keren Taylor, paired 40 female writers, including poets, novelists and television and film writers, with 40 high school-age girls in and around Los Angeles.
When ``Alexander'' was first screened for domestic and international film writers two weekends ago, the reaction to the now 2-hour, 55-minute movie was so bad that MSNBC gossip columnist Jeannette Walls ran a story with the headline: ``Early viewers stone 'Alexander.
The WGIHF represents 7,888 television and film writers and related professionals in the United States through its East and West Coast regional offices.