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projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures

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1908: Thomas Edison won the patent rights for the film projector.
The auditorium features a built-in theatrical stage, a cinema quality theatre system with a 35mm film projector, in-house broadcast and editing facilities, simultaneous translation booths, and professional sound systems, thus producing an exceptional audio and visual experience.
s Guardian in October, travel writer Gavin McOwan described how "chandeliers, an old film projector, antique furniture, and the original big blue fridge from the film (Diego would talk to it) compete for space" while diners in the flat's four dining rooms enjoy "some of the best seafood in Havana.
Running those still photographs through a film projector gave the fascinating illusion of movement that was a popular breakthrough in "special effects" for early fantasy movies featuring all manner of monsters and dinosaurs.
He checked in their books, checked out a film projector to the teacher, helped the two kindergartners pick something from the picture book area and checked them out.
Sure, the film projector showed up in schools and campuses long before the slide projector, but it wasn't considered as portable so management of it was based on possession--whoever possessed one, managed it.
Plywood walls, suspended seat and table, film projector light, seated figure lifting and winding cut text in continuous line from a prepared book.
He said the Supreme Court has ruled that a film projector cannot be purchased for a religious school because it can be used for religious purposes.
A film projector went into self-destruct - during a screening of Mission: Impossible
The system contains a Sony VPH-1272Q Super Data Grade Projection System, Sony audio/video source selectors, a 16mm film projector, Vicon V6035PT Pan/Tilt control camera, JBL46120K stereo program speakers, Oxmoor RC-16 program volume control, a Telex AAT-2 wireless hearing impaired system, touch panel Sony video cassette recorders, a Sony MDP-1700AR multidisc player, an Elmo EV-500AF document camera, computer interfaces, a 17-inch monitor, an IVIE 5000 Series modular sound system, ceiling loud speakers, a wireless microphone system, slide projectors, and an ISR custom integrated software package.
D3D, Moody Gardens and Barco partnered for the first Digital Cinema Symposium in January 2011 where the first split screen, "butterflied" shootout between a 15 perf 70mm film projector and a Barco DP4K-32B digital projector was conducted.
And yet for all the work's complex points of reference, this hybrid combination of animation, film projector, and musical instrument exudes a haiku-like simplicity.
AN independent cinema is facing PS20,000 repair bill after an audience member vandalised their film projector.
power tools and an Epson film projector which was used to entertain the centre's members, were also stolen.
But they ended up in his room when the film projector didn't work - and he had grabbed a condom from a drawer in his laundry room.