fill the bill

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be what is needed or be good enough for what is required


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Outfits such as Bass Pro's RedHead Stalker Lite II Shirt and Pants ($30-$35 each; or Cabela's Silent Weave Bowhunter's Shirt and 6-Pocket Pants ($45-$50 each; fill the bill during warmer weather, and in these winning patterns.
In my opinion, these flat, easily concealed, quick-to-get-in-action autos fill the bill for concealed carry better than most of today's "pocket" autos.
Scotland has some options that may just fill the bill.
NEW YORK -- Residents of New York City love top-quality items at bargain prices, and Fairway Markets certainly fill the bill.
"But if that doesn't happen we have identified other strikers who would fill the bill," said Davies.
If you're in the mood for lighter musical fare, the Johnny Cash meets Spinal Tap satire "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" might fill the bill. John C.
New Welsh talent will fill the bill for this summer's one-day Cardiff Calling music festival.
Those who do not have Microsoft Office on their systems can download Open Office, a free multiplatform office suite that will fill the bill, Dr.
It remains to be seen whether Woods, mainly remembered across the Atlantic for being demolished by Jones, would fill the bill.
For listeners who like their Vivaldi big and bold, Europa Galante should again fill the bill.
So what are we left with since "being more innovative," per se, doesn't fill the bill?
Now, Black Country folk group Giggety, comedian Dugie Parker and entertainer Don Maclean will fill the bill at the shows, taking place on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4.
Unfortunately, America's Ready doesn't fill the bill.
For a taste of a holiday in Provence, no need to hop a plane: A trip to Pierre Deux will fill the bill.
For those who enjoy the ease of use a red-dot finder provides, the Burgess/TMB MRF (Multi-Reticle Finder) should fill the bill nicely.