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office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

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uk - 0844 482 2800) have a three-drawer filing cabinet finished in real wood veneer - either mahogany or oak for pounds 129.
ZENA SAYS: I've coveted for a long time an oak filing cabinet a friend found at an antiques fair.
Documents can be filed, printed or downloaded from the digital filing cabinet anytime.
If your taxes are relatively simple just start a new file in your filing cabinet that says "2009 Taxes" Any time you get a tax document in the mail just drop it in that file (until you get the energy to deal with your taxes).
And that, after all, is how you ended up with a horizontal filing cabinet in the first place.
Horizontal filing cabinets are an esthetic and organizational nightmare.
You'd be amazed at the things you'll find by just moving a filing cabinet.
They can find and contact employers on spec about positions available and if they find an employer they like they can 'bookmark' them in their filing cabinet.
You'd never guess that under the skirts of the country French accent table (above right) is a two drawer filing cabinet.
The average storage capacity of a CD is that of a four drawer filing cabinet that greatly reduces the office space needed to store this information.
Timothy Blagbrough, 35, gained access to a filing cabinet and safe in the Customs' National Investigation Service HQ.
Items too large to fit into a filing cabinet or collections of like items
He keeps pieces of paper, ripped off from letters and envelopes, addresses and phone numbers of former students taped up on one filing cabinet.
The court noted that although the investigator had exclusive control over the storage unit and filing cabinet with lock and key, these items were used to store evidentiary photographs, files, documents, work-related sundries, and some personal items.
If you plan to store many clippings in your computer, set up a directory and a host of subdirectories that resemble the organization of a filing cabinet with appropriate folders.