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a parent who murders his own son or daughter

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the murder of your own son or daughter

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Kollam (Kerala) [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): In a case of filicide, a 43-year-old woman was arrested on Friday for allegedly killing her teenager son in Kerala's Kollam.
While filicide is rare there have been many cases of it over the years.
4,5,12,13,14) Post-partum depression is often associated with bipolar illness and postpartum psychiatric illness is clearly a treatable risk factor for filicide.
Those plays, along with her other early works that dealt with taboo subjects such as sexual abuse, incest, filicide and gory murders, put her in the radar of theater audiences.
5) Filicide includes a spectrum of behaviour that ranges from non-intentional to an intentional act of killing, from death related to maltreatment (such as abandonment, neglect, or exposure) to fatal assault (such as suffocation, strangulation, and stabbing) and from covert to overt child homicide.
Neonaticide is a subcategory of filicide that refers to the murder of a baby by her/his genetic mother or father within twenty-four hours of their birth (Alder & Polk, 2001, p.
If, as some scholars argue1, the traditional Akedah has been used during wartime to justify sacrificial filicide and further nationalist fervour, the inverted Akedah becomes a trope of resistance and protest against the intergenerational annihilation of global nuclear war.
However, he added, Laghari's eldest son Sabir Laghari survived that filicide and was also the sole witness of the case.
Filicide and Family bonds frame the subject for Emily Detmer-Goebel's essay on Titus Andronicus; and Jonathan Lamb probes the issue of the self-identified king in Shakespeare's Richard II.
Yet the chapter places an odd emphasis on American statistics about the prevalence of filicide and the incidence of abuse by step-parents to support speculation about the Grimms' intent when primary research on the texts themselves would have been more compelling (as, for example, when she refers to Jack Zipes's work with the manuscript edition of the Grimm texts [57]).
I then discuss Medea's 'divided self' and her disturbing filicide in terms of the growing turmoil between her martial and maternal aspects--a conflict that can be explained by the emergence of persistent combat mobilization and hypervigilance that characterize PTSD and lasting psychological injury.
This article examines Australian legal responses to filicide in circumstances where mothers have killed their young children.
Either of these motivations significantly links Durrow's Nella to Sethe, another literary mother as depicted in Toni Morrison's Beloved (1987], who chooses filicide over the horrors of racism for her children.
Par contre, son etude montre aussi que les hommes pouvaient plus facilement echapper a la justice, les femmes, les autres enfants et le voisinage d'un pere filicide pouvant hesiter a le denoncer ou a temoigner contre lui en raison de son autorite de chef de famille et de son statut de pourvoyeur.