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a parent who murders his own son or daughter

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the murder of your own son or daughter

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Those who commit filicide usually fall into the "character-disordered" category, rather than mentally ill or emotionally disturbed, said Colistro, the Portland forensic psychologist.
He wants to maintain a clear distinction between neonaticide and filicide.
This fragmentation casts filicide into analogous alignment with other forms of physical labor.
In another example where chicheras publicly slandered other women, at the end of August in 1900, before the fiesta of Guadalupe began, an entire family of chicheras ganged up on a couple, accusing the wife of filicide of the babies that she had as a result of her adulterous affairs.
178) Technically, this was not a neonaticide case, for the youngest of the five children, Mary, age six months, was well over the one-day line that defines neonaticide; moreover, for the four oldest children, this was technically not an infanticide case, for the one-year age line that defines infanticide was only met in little Mary's case; while filicide would fit all of the killings, this case played like infanticide in the minds of many citizens.
Thus, they did not resort to filicide as a family survival strategy in an attempt to marshal scarce family resources for other children as some "evolutionary psychologists" have argued.
Murder is a terrible crime at any time but filicide - the killing of a child by its parent - is particularly abhorrent.
Resnick, "Child Murder by Parents: A Psychiatric Review of Filicide," American Journal of Psychiatry 126 (1969): 328-30; Donald T.
FILICIDE - the killing of a child by a parent - is one of the most vile crimes on the statute books.
Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing his or her own son or daughter and, unfortunately, this dreadful act is becoming all too common in this country.
There is a special word - filicide - for this act of parental homicide, but we never use it, perhaps because we find such acts too horrible to name.
Electra's silence on this issue is therefore significant, and her apparent inability to neutralize Iphigenia's death implicitly draws critical attention to the siblings' repetition of Agamemnon's ritually transgressive filicide.
Neonaticide is a subcategory of filicide that refers to the murder of a baby by her/his genetic mother or father within twenty-four hours of their birth (Alder & Polk, 2001, p.
Gender (and racial) stereotypes have been shown to play a role in outcome judgments in mock cases of filicide (40) and clinicians' assessments of insanity, (41) leading Dunn and colleagues to conclude that there are more severe consequences for "unexpected" behavior.
However, he added, Laghari's eldest son Sabir Laghari survived that filicide and was also the sole witness of the case.