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the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors

inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline

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Suffice it to say that here I would want to see an attempt to integrate the fourth point of Lonergan's four-point hypothesis: the light of glory is a created participation in filiation as the Son leads us home to the Father.
une filiation populaire et mediatique incarnee principalement par les travestis des agora comme Jamaa el fna, la danse du Ragd (l'enfant endormi) et de l'accouchement performee par des hommes lors des fetes populaires, la figure d'Oummi Harnounia interpretee par Bouchaib el Bidaoui, les roles feminins du theatre incarnes par exemple dans El Harraz de Tayeb Seddiki, par Binyaz et My Tahar Esbanhani, les chants du melhoun et les expressions figees-
Devolution du droit, les changements de paradigme qui s'y operent, ainsi que les reformes recentes que connait en particulier la procedure civile du Quebec, et qui se sont concretisees par l'adoption d'un nouveau Code de procedure civile, sont l'occasion d'une reflexion de fond sur la filiation du droit procedural quebecois.
Statement of Filiation: Neo- and Late-Babylonian scribes typically identify participants at least once in each legal or administrative record by means of a three-tier expression of filiation in the form: PN (personal name), son of FN (father's name), descendant of LN (family line or clan name), a series of linked relationships often represented via the shorthand PN/ FN//LN.
Unions have warned that the reforms could cost Labour millions of pounds a year in af-f filiation fees, and the GMB has already announced it will cut its payments by around PS1.
Is filiation or being begotten the characteristic of the Son and what does it mean when the Son is called the Word (Verbum) and in what sense can intellect be attributed to the Son?
Sleiman explained that "the reasons behind parents' non-registration of their children in official circles could either be a disagreement between spouses or if the father had left his wife while pregnant, negligence or even lack of filiation evidence.
The local filiation groups (clans) were organised in houses; but each house did not only shelter people of the dominating lineage.
Winch used historiographic method to describe the social, religious, political, and intellectual context of economic thought in order to trace the filiation of ideas and to explain or at least to illuminate agreement and disagreement among the principal authors.
By examining the ways in which the national state used the 1857 Civil Code to define and re-define filiation and the status of children, the author demonstrates the multiple ways in which elite families and the state reaffirmed class hierarchies and reinforced social inequalities in Chile from the 1850s to the 1930s.
If on the one hand our renewed sense of kinship and filiation with nonhuman reality can help us rediscover ourselves in an "enchanted" universe, aspects of this kinship and filiation may remind us not only of the shared sense of fragility that comes with such rediscovery, but also demand that we come to terms with the "wild, amoral, and violent forces" that course through our "deep nature"--a point central to the post-Schopenhauerian visions Taylor cites above.
Following general introductory matters, chapters are presented on the status of a person, registration of civil status, personality rights, names, nationality, domicile and residence, mentally handicapped persons, marriage, divorce, cohabitation without marriage, filiation, adoption, parental authority, guardianship and fosterage, kinships and relationships of affinity, matrimonial property, intestate succession, testamentary succession, and acquisition and administration of the estate.
As Leckey explains, in relation to the Quebec provisions, filiation is a much more expansive notion than legal parentage: "Filiation is said to be the fundamental element of family belonging, a foundation of the social order.
The Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, also a devotee, had this to say, referring to the The Magic Flute: "Is there a better, indeed another manner to bear witness to the nobility of our divine filiation than to make present whence we came and where we are going?
Il a le droit de ne pas perdre la moitie de sa filiation et de son identite.