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duty of a child to its parents

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One indication of single women's sense of filial duty is their acceptance of direct or indirect parental interference through matchmaking.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- She is that easiest of targets, a mother who has caused the death of her child, a 2-month-old baby who apparently died of hunger and dehydration when she left him alone for nine days to perform her filial duty in Hatay during the bayram.
The study borrows a key term--daughteronomy, meaning filial duty for daughters--from American feminist Sandra Gilbert's essay "Life's Empty Pack." The book explores paternal elegies written in the last half of the 20th century by eight Canadian women poets: Dorothy Livesay, P.K.
Not fulfilling one's filial duty to continue the family line constitutes a major dereliction of duty, and the consequence is that one's own soul and that of one's predecessors will become ...
He humbly and faithfully fulfilled his filial duty in the ranks of the Interior and had enormous authority among police officers.Temirkan Subanov made a significant personal contribution to improving the work of the police combat crime and ensuring public safety.
Education, for Emily St Aubert, requires a violation of filial duty and a deliberate knowing of what was forbidden knowledge that is as peculiar to the heroine as her own family history.
In her final novel, The Test of Filial Duty (1769), Sarah Scott (1721-95) uses the language of sentiment and sensibility to dramatize the emotional toll that parentally arranged courtships could take on young upper-class women.
"Naethin but an overwhelmin sense of filial duty..." [Island of the Scottish Soldier, F.
He found the real reason G and D were to be sent to Pakistan in 2007 was "so that they could learn 'respect' as an overarching filial duty which I hold in the context of this family means obedience overriding their full and free choice".
After noting that scripture presents mostly dysfunctional families and therefore offers little guidance concerning the art of parenting, Sherwin turns to the Jewish commentaries to help us link filial duty with parental responsibility.
Ever since an accident in London incapacitated his father Aa 30 years ago, Shaikh Nahyan tended to his father in a way that went way beyond anything demanded by filial duty. He would rise with his father for prayers at dawn, he would have breakfast with his father, he would join his father for his majlis.
His criticisms of the three standard theories of filial duty, for example, seem to me decisive, and the alternative account he offers, the 'special goods' account, is both plausible and enlightening.
In the Confucian ethical system, the cornerstone is filial duty. Standing on this foundation, he affirmed, "If such a Biblical expression that man should leave his parents and cling to his wife is taken literally, a great damage must fall upon humanness and the world" (36-151; New Works, vol.
Our sympathies go with dithering, under-achieved but decent Mr Plod - more a Jellystone Park Yogi Bear warden - who wants to retire, but can't name the day In essence, Walter left the nest and went his own way; Victor stayed behind out of filial duty to look after his once wealthy widowed father, stung by the Wall Street crash.
Edgar, like Lear and Kent, had to risk losing all in order to realize the extent of Edmund's treachery, to carry out his filial duty to Gloucester, and to attain his proper rank in the kingdom.