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designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation


relating to or characteristic of or befitting an offspring

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The current study serves as an initial attempt into uncovering the relationship between sex, filial obligation, and intergenerational conflict management styles.
Under the agreement, Nordea Danmark, filial of Nordea Bank AB, will repurchase B shares on behalf of Novo Nordisk A/S during the trading period starting 7 May and ending on 6 August 2018.
Filial devotion is increasingly fading, although parents' affection, particularly a mother's love for her children, remains the same as in the past.
Filial obligation plays a vital role in family functioning and interaction with parents.
A junior high school senior student received the filial piety award sponsored the Da Chien charity foundation with tears welling up in her eyes on Wednesday because her grandpa she had been caring for just died three days ago.
But one entrepreneur uses virtual reality software to reconcile the two, allowing people to honour Confucian traditions of filial obligation in the territory where it can cost up to $130,000 to store the ashes of loved ones.
In what can be called as the latest example of "filial piety" in China, a video about a man in his 50s taking care of his mother has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms.
In filing a motion for reconsideration on February 1, Bayron claimed that it was unthinkable for him to try to get away with concealing fatherly ties with his son as he pointed out that Karl's appointment is a non-plantilla and non-career position in the city government and that disclosure of their filial relationship in the work contract is 'immaterial.'
ABSTRACT: This study uses self-determination theory to explore the mechanisms of filial piety in the academic motivation of eight high-achieving secondary school seniors at an international school in South Korea, resulting in several findings.
Filial piety (FP) is a concept in Confucian culture according to which the attitudes and behaviors of the younger generation toward their parents are stipulated (Yeh & Bedford, 2003).
We also summarize existing literature on adult children's filial piety to and relationships with their older parents.
El joven dominico se propuso trabajar para ofrecer una respuesta, y despues de sus estudios patristicos llego a la conclusion de que para los Padres ante-nicenos la base de la regula fidei catolica era <<el designio divino del Creador orientado a su fin, que es la adopcion filial en gracia, de las criaturas espirituales con vistas a conducirlas a la gloria>> (p.
The US Westinghouse will own 30% of the Unit 7 of the Kozloduy NPP until the construction is completed, said the Kozloduy deputy director Alexander Nikolov.A Nikolov told the Bulgarian National Radio that the Kozloduy NPP filial company aNew Capacitiesa will be transformed.
Group filial therapy; the complete guide to teaching parents to play therapeutically with their children.
Filial Responsibility Laws Displaced by Government Programs