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Synonyms for filet

a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef

a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish

lace having a square mesh

Related Words

decorate with a lace of geometric designs

cut into filets

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4 salmon filets, each 8 ounces and 1 1/2 inches think, skin and bones removed
"Raccommodeuses de filets dans les dunes" (Women mending nets in the fields) dates from 1882 and was bought by an American collector in a hot bidding battle that boosted the selling price far above the estimated value of between three to five million euros.
As expected from one of the best steakhouses in the city - my medium rare filet was exceptional.
A journey that takes place in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, from living in muddy-foxholes with snakes and insects and eating C-Rations, to working in an air conditioned diner, sipping wine and eating filet mignon."
We also ordered the Walnut-Crusted Filet Mignon with peppercorn demi.
tablespoon of excess butter over each filet. Cook, uncovered, over high
The restaurant will feature a South of France menu, with signature dishes including carpaccio de loup de mer et vinaigrette truffles (sea bass carpaccio with lime and truffle vinaigrette), filet de saint pierre grilles sauces romanesco (grilled john dory with mixed herbs and romanesco sauce) and filet de boeuf a la Sassa (Sassa beef fillet with smoked garlic and tomato relish).
Subsequently, Costco improved the offering again, lowering the price to $4.99 a pound for a fully trimmed, skinless and boneless filet. After sourcing the product from Chile and Canada, the price dropped again to $4.79 per pound.
Le gouvernement de Mariano Rajoy s'est felicite de la saisie de ces quantites de produits contrefaits , et des sources policieres ont affirme que jamais les policiers espagnols n'avaient realise un pareil coup de filet dans le domaine vestimentaire, un coup de filet qui est aussi des plus surprenants puisque parmi les tetes pensantes presumees de ce reseau figurent deux imams.
For diners lucky enough to find a menu, it includes broiled lobster for $4, filet mignon for $4.25 and most four-course meals are under $10.
The puncture-resistant, triple-layer bags are reusable, and come in four sizes--quart, gallon, filet and jumbo.
SOME 200 Soldier-chefs from Army installations around the world traded body armor and M-16 rifles for filet knives, spatulas and pastry bags during the 32nd annual U.S.
The fruit forward character and full body of all of the above four wines means they will go well with a combination of rich dishes such as Steak au Poivre with Courvoisier Cream, Filet Oscar, Veal Chop with Roquefort Butter (Roquefort is the key to the pairing), or even Roasted Chicken (you want it "skin-on" with this pairing).