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Synonyms for filer

a party who files a notice with a law court

a clerk who is employed to maintain the files of an organization

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ServerProtect version 5.3 for Network Appliance filers provides large-scale organizations with a high-performance, reliable, scalable solution for protecting network-attached data from viruses and other malicious code in real time, ensuring the integrity of mission-critical corporate information.
Sun says that both new filers have also achieved Oracle's storage compatibility qualification for seamless integration with datacentres running Oracle databases.
Current HTML filers may be affected immediately by the stage 2 change that mandates SEC-required graphics must be submitted in HTML documents whenever, in those limited instances, rules or forms require information to be in graphic form (see item 402 of regulation S-K).
Under section 4010, certain contributing sponsors and all members of their controlled groups (referred to in the regulations and hereinafter as "Filers") must submit annually to the PBGC financial and actuarial information prescribed by the PBGC in regulations.
Once a filer becomes subject to the mandated filing rules, all future documents must be submitted electronically unless an exemption applies.
The government, he said, had also made the process of return filing automated and easy, under which a person could become filer within just six minutes by registering on the prescribed website of Federal Board of Revenue.
In the meantime, if the customer wants to withdraw a hefty amount in cash, the bank deducts 0.3 percent from filer and 0.6 percent from non filer.
There is still access to "My Trial Court Filings" or "My Appellate Court Filings" at the top of the page, right-hand side, if the filer is in need of viewing filing status rather than filing a document.
The final rule, 33-8618 Management's Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and Certification of Disclosure in Exchange Act Periodic Reports of Companies that are Not Accelerated Filers (, states that a company that is not an accelerated filer is required to comply with the Section 404 requirements for its first fiscal year ending on or after July 15, 2007.
15, 2005, when an accelerated filer will have to file its annual report within 60 days after year end and file its quarterly reports within 35 days after quarter end.
In an effort to assist employers, plan officials, service providers and others in complying with the fiduciary responsibility, reporting and disclosure requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), the Department of Labor (DOL) adopted two employee benefit plan correction programs--the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program (VFCP) and the Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (DFVCP).
The single filer with an income of $30,000 to $40,000 would pay about $80 in higher state taxes, but would see federal taxes drop about $4, for a net tax increase of $76.
Sun Microsystems has introduced the Sun StorEdge N8400 and N8600 filers. The Sun StorEdge N8000 filer series has grown from 200GB to over 10TB of usable capacity in a standalone configuration.
Section (20)(10)12.23 of the draft provides that the intentional disregard of the rules and regulations penalty applies when the facts and circumstances show that the filer knowingly or willfully failed to comply with the requirements of sections 6721 (failure to file correct information returns), 6722 (failure to furnish correct payee statement), or 6723 (failure to comply with other informationreporting requirements) of the Code.
It was one of the major steps to make every citizen of Pakistan a filer.