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a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters

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Netscape, the wildly popular World Wide Web browser, auto-stashes a bunch of previously viewed pages and images in a cache file on your hard drive, all with a .moz filename extension. You could view these, rather than having to pull them off the Net again, if you knew what they were.
These scans are driven by CAD software files with an "STL" (for stereolithography) filename extension. "All major CAD programs now have STL translators," says Richard Fedchenko, vice president at 3D Systems, Valencia, CA.
This will support a wide array of filename extensions, including mp3, mp4, m4a and 3gp.
A little work on filename extensions etc makes it viewable on most non-Apple PDAs and smartphones, but the iPhone and iPod Touch are absolutely out, unless you have a few weeks to spare for recoding.
Files affected by Win2K.Int include those with the filename extensions ".exe," ".com," ".dll," ".acm," ".ax," ".cnv," ".cpl," ".drv", ".mpd," ".ocx," ".pci," ".scr," ".sys," ".tsp," ".tlb," ".vwp," ".wpc" and ".msi."