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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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XDA uncovered a policy file for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 labeled with the filename "sdm8150." Snapdragon 8150 is believed to be the marketing name for the Snapdragon 845 successor.
Even if you had a document management system which used an 8.3 (old DOS pre-windows) file naming convention such as filename.ext in the form azqwsxed.pdf, it could work.
menaObj= getfield (handles, ' menaObj ') [ filename , pathname ] = uiputfile ({' *.mat ' }, 'Vyber objekty ') ; save ([pathname , filename ], ' state ') uiwait (msgbox (' Trenovacie data su ulozene !
If both users satisfy the contact judgement (Figure 11(a) and (b)), The receiver's PC reads the filename sent by the sender, and creates a new file in the read filename.
The file renaming suggestions advanced by experienced users show filenames that look like this: ABC_150915_1234.DNG, where ABC are the photographer's initials, 150915 indicate the date of 2015 Sep 15, 1234 is the unique identifier number or counter for the file, and DNG is the filename extension.
* RTSP playback is very straightforward: rtsp://[wowzaserver]:1935/vod/mp4: filename.mp4
- Added direction indicator, 'E' or 'W', to SS7 capture filenames
A little work on filename extensions etc makes it viewable on most non-Apple PDAs and smartphones, but the iPhone and iPod Touch are absolutely out, unless you have a few weeks to spare for recoding.
IQ documents provide a detailed listing of hardware requirements, step-by-step descriptions of software installation procedures, and a listing of all required files showing the expected filename, size and version number.
Rather than reveal the full extension for a filename, Windows Explorer hides the extension for known file types, giving hackers a way to disguise malware by using those file types' extensions and icons.<p>Windows Explorer, for example, will show the .txt icon and display "attack.txt" as the filename for a Trojan horse that's actually been named "attack.txt.exe" by the hacker.
Enhancements include improved workflow automation and Dynamic Job Routing, press-accurate halftone dot proofing, reverse filename parsing, and easy set-up of post-RIP imposition workflows.
The odds are that those particular computers are not able to satisfy the request of that particular filename, so the next thing they do is to re-launch the same query to the next two computers.
If a URL gives you an error message, try cutting the filename from the URL until only the sewer name remains in the location bar.
Several readers suggested another way to add them, which we actually had mentioned on several occasions in earlier columns: Just type into a cell: =cell("filename").
I have been asked by numerous colleagues how we do math, and the answer is simple: we create the MathML and then convert to an image, keeping the same filename with a different extension.