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narrow flattened warm-water fishes with leathery skin and a long file-like dorsal spine

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As for the filefish I found in their bellies, it's easy to imagine snappers plucking these out of the weeds at slack tide.
2013: Acoustic target strength measurement of banded grouper Epinephelus awoara (Temming & Schlegel, 1842) and threadsial filefish Stephanolepis cirrhifer (Temming & Schlegel, 1850) in the South China Sea.
The harlequin filefish disguises its smell to that of the coral as a means of survival, reported the ( Brisbane Times .
Spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosas 235.0 Seabass (genus) Diplectrum 232.9 Tomtate Haemulon aurolineatum 229.4 Orange filefish Aluterus schoepfi 227.7 Spinner shark Carcharhinus brevipinna 223.2 Spinycheek scorpionfish Neomerinthe hemingwayi 222.5 Crab (genus) Callinectes 46.8 Clearnose skate Raja eglanteria 35.7 Sheepshead Archosargus probatocephalus 210.3 Rock shrimp discards Sicyonia discards 30.7 Scalloped hammerhead Sphyrna lewini 127.4 Cobia Rachycentron canadum 192.9 Twospot flounder Bothus robinsi 196.2 Leopard searobin Prionotus scitulus 191.6 Blacknose shark Carcharhinus acronotus 174.0 Bluespotted searobin Prionotus roseus 172.0 Sculptured mud crab Micropanope sculptipes 171.0 Penaeid shrimp Penaeus spp.
Filefish (family Monacanthidae) include 95 species widely distributed in both temperate and tropical seas (Nelson, 1994).
(Serves 4) For the tilefish stock: 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil 2 tilefish skeletons, head on, eyes removed Chicken stock as needed 3 shallots, peeled and thinly sliced 1 clove garlic, peeled and thinly sliced For the yuzu broth: 1 quart plus 2 tablespoons filefish stock 2 tablespoons fresh yuzu juice 2 teaspoons dry vermouth Pinch of espelette pepper* 1.
Oracle Corp has acquired FileFish Inc, a venture-backed supplier of secure content management and remote access software since 1999.
Fact FileFish and chips remains the top takeaway in Britain - selling in excess of 300 million meals a year, compared with 219 million Indian and 210 million Chinese takeaways
Instead, Han Ah Reum's deli specializes in Korean dishes, including dried shrimp at $19.99 a pound; filefish with sauce, $8.99 a pound; seasoned seaweed, $7.99 a pound; Korean stew sauce, $4.99 a pint, and green bean pudding, $1.99 a one-pound container.
Below us moves a phantasmagoria of life: schools of sergeant majors; an orange-spotted filefish, lips puckered as though searching for a kiss; electric blue parrotfish; a slack-jawed barracuda, as shiny as polished silver.
I match its outline, pattern and swimming behavior in a field guide to fishes of the Atlantic Coast -- it is an orange filefish.
The black swallower can extend its jaw and stomach to eat fish twice its own size Filefish and pufferfish have poisonous flesh which, if eaten, can produce sickness or death The world's smallest fish is the marine dwarf goby, which has an average length of 8.6mm.
These included the planehead filefish, Monacanthus hispidus (Monacanthidae); the gray triggerfish, Balistes capriscus (Balistidae); the southern puffer, Sphoeroides nephalus (Tetraodontidae); and the striped burrfish, Chilomycterus schoepfi (Diodontidae).
Rare varieties of seafood like lobster, rainbow trout, code filefish, scallop shell, farmed turbot, hake fish fillet, live crab, live tilapia, farmed sea bream and scad fish will be on offer during the festival.
There's also Clownfish Kingdom, a new addition for summer, that features an array of interactive tanks so visitors can come nose-to-fin with some incredible underwater species like Clownfish, Blue Tangs, Marine Comet and Tassled filefish.