file system

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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Paragon Software is the market leader in file system drivers for all popular operating systems, including Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows, available to individual users working in cross-platform environments, businesses and OEMs.
The EROFS file system can increase the random read speed on an average by 20 per cent and up to 200 per cent while also saving more than 2GB of system storage.
WekaIO's scalable, high performance file system has applications in machine learning, genomics research, and high velocity analytics like finance, where I/O throughput at scale can exceed a traditional NAS system's capabilities, said Randy Kerns, senior strategist and analyst, The Evaluator Group.
The Microsoft proprietary exFAT file system is optimized for flash memory such as USB flash drives and SD cards.
Powered by a dynamically scalable, cloud-native architecture with intelligent object tiering, Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS) makes cloud integration simpler than ever.
This fails because to close the file, it had to open the file system when mounting.
People who have already updated are reporting fairly large increases in available storage once the update is complete thanks to the change in file systems.
The guest VM's own images and data will be stored in the virtual file system that the vNAS provides.
Ubuntu uses the Linux file system which is usually considered as a tree structure.
The metadata server (MDS) plays an intermediary role in a parallel file system, and the metadata is essential to the whole file system.
It stores this data in a file system called HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system), in effect a flat file system that can spread data across multiple disk drives and servers.
Reliability and Processing Performance Enhanced with Apache Hadoop Solution Featuring Fujitsu's Proprietary Distributed File System
I had a bad experience because of this bad file system and non-computerised records.