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(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources

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But new advances in cloud computing have made it possible for public and private sector agencies alike to access software, services and data storage through remote file servers.
After the EIB, I was tasked to research and design a tactical file server in preparation for our upcoming deployment to Iraq with the intent that we have it by the JRTC rotation in March 2011.
Applying cloud computing to the previous example, the employer logs in to the secure cloud file server and uploads the 15 insurance benefits applications.
Deni Connor, an industry analyst and the founder of Storage Strategies Now, said, "We believe storage technology vendors will be very interested in this multi-platform file server software.
"IT uses NAS over a regular server acting as a file server primarily for two reasons: simplicity and performance," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of the Taneja Group.
These innovative devices virtualize file systems from heterogeneous file servers and NAS devices, and introduce intelligent storage management policies to optimize resource utilization, performance and scalability.
Network File Server--A network file server configured for secure and convenient access for the whole staff should lie at the heart of the organization's storage strategy.
Vendors of digital cinema projectors and file servers are actively lining up prospective buyers of their products, even though a consortium of Hollywood studios only recently began work to formulate a uniform standard for the fledgling technology.
Once you start the file server on your PC, any Mac user can use files from your computer via the chooser.
It will prevent employees from turning off anti-virus protection and ensure that every desktop and file server has the most up-to-date definitions.
Persistent storage for log files and checkpoint images is addressed with local disk drives or a network file server. Easy to implement and administer, the Angara Data Server virtually eliminates the performance tuning associated with conventional disk-based database systems.
NetworkREADY library systems are a complete CD file server. Users purchase the library system fully equipped with the NAS support without having to dedicate a PC or bogging down the existing file server in order to maximize data storage resources.
A single-channel video file server starts at under $30,000 with a four-channel system in the realm of $70,000; Hard-drive storage has been coming down considerably.
A CCTV camera is fixed on each portal and transmits images to a file server (a Pc) at the security station.
Revenue Canada should examine the appropriateness of the definition of "carrying on business" under the Income Tax Act in an electronic commerce environment, including addressing the roles of various electronic commerce elements (the file server's location, the transaction manager's role, etc.), and, if necessary, convey its concerns to the Department of Finance.