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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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* We do the same in the file name at the end of the command string with the %.* added to strip the extension from the output file name and add _crf to the file name ("$[fiLe%.*}_crf".mp4).
I sometimes use this tool instead of the Windows index search tool when I know at least part of the file name I'm seeking.
While we created a most basic organization and search structure with the file names, we also created a web interface for public access (
Or, if the file name was stored in a cell, we could simply use the cell reference, such as Al.
2) It may also be useful and instructive if a photo's file name tells us something about the photo itself, maybe the place or event when that photo was taken, perhaps a date, or even a person's name aside from its unique identifier number.
However, if we consider the volatility of P2P networking environments, a rather simple metric of content similarities like using file names might be more desirable.
Change the file name to reflect the new budget year.
Because the exact file name with the exact file size is found, it remains unchanged (it already exists in both sides).
One of the immediately-visible additions to Windows Explorer is a quick search bar toolbar that pops up when you start typing a file name. Normally when you have a folder open in Explorer that has hundreds of files, it is fastest to start typing the starting characters of the file's name.
We created hierarchical levels of digital file organization, where the file system location echoes the file name segments in a predictable manner.
This name can be missing at first (set to null), if the XML file corresponds to a new file; the file name will not be set until the class instance is saved.
A file name match is too thin a reed on which to hang an investigation, but better technologies can pinpoint specific files on a hard drive.
Prescribing Information" to download a PDF file--and change the ending of the file name from .pl to .pdf is necessary.)
In my opinion, the absolute worst issue is that in so many installations the default is to check 'Hide file extensions for known file types.' Simplistically, as you are no doubt aware, what we commonly think of as the 'file name' in Windows is actually composed of two parts.
The unique ID was also used as a file name for the scanned map.