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enter by marching in a file

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Cleveland Golf contended that State Farm's failure to timely split the file in the defense of the underlying action evidenced the insurer's bad faith.
Although State Farm deviated from its usual practices in not immediately splitting the file in the Cleveland Golf case, Cleveland Golf could not articulate why or how that breakdown evidenced bad faith.
The citizen's birth certificate wasn't on file in Trenton, New Jersey's open-record capital.
If that's the only graphic software you have, use PhotoShop's "save as" command and save the PSD file in another format--JPG or WME If you don't have a digitized copy of your artwork, you can scan it; and if you don't have a scanner, most office supply stores can scan the art for you.
"I bet something like that happened here; they were thinking Tijuana' but wrote Seoul' because they had another file for Seoul at the same time." I wasn't going to tell him I'd never sent my phone company bill to the gas company; I just wanted Eva's file in Tijuana, and I figured he could track it down and get it there a lot faster than I could.